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CRC Humanities Computing Studio
L2-5A Humanities Centre
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB T6G 2E5
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Matthew Bouchard is in his third year of an undergraduate degree in Computing Science and Creative Writing. He can often be found in the studio improving the architecture of the Streetprint Engine and using his coding powers for good, not evil.

Garvin Cheung is the creator and curator of Urban Record, an archive of print related to hip-hop and electronic music.

Sarah Elniski has been working on a long-term project on the history of Edmonton's Mayfield Dinner Theatre.

Chris Govias is a designer whose most recent research project is Scrawl, a photographic archive of street art from around the globe.

Andrea Hasenbank is in her final year of a combined BA Honours in English and Political Science. She is the creator of Text In Transit.

Kalin Jensen is currently working on Edmonton Activist Literature, an online archive of the activist scene in Edmonton and the literature it produces.

Gary Kelly, Canada Research Chair and Studio Director, is now editing the Oxford History of Popular Print Culture (9 vols), the Toronto History of Women's Writing in English (16 vols), and Newgate Narratives (10 vols of crime fiction, melodrama, polemical writing, and reportage). His books include The English Jacobin Novel, English Fiction of the Romantic Period, Revolutionary Feminism (on Mary Wollstonecraft), Women, Writing, and Revolution, and editions of Mary Wolstonecraft's and Sarah Scott's novels, Felicia Hemans's poems, and Varieties of Female Gothic (6 vols). His current research programs are "Popular Print: Past and Present, Local and Global" and (with Patricia Demers) "Women Writing and Reading."

David Laurie is a graduate research assistant working on the Coleridge XML Encoding project. He is working towards his MA in Humanities Computing and focusing on the representation of minds, both human and artificial, in pop culture.

Matthew Ogle is an MA English candidate currently working on the Streetprint Engine, the Women Writing and Reading website, and various other studio projects. He's interested in open-source software, internet communities, and bridging the gap between the techies and the humanities.

Joyce Tam is completing an MA in Humanities Computing with a specialization in English at the University of Alberta. She spends most of her time in the studio learning to love Macs. Currently, she is working on a digitization project in conjunction with the Owens Art Gallery in New Brunswick.

Hannah Wensel Hannah is a designer currently researching modern comic books and the impact they have had on popular literature and related media. Eventually, this project will become part of the Centre for the Study of Popular Print website.

More researcher bios coming soon...