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CRC Humanities Computing Studio
L2-5A Humanities Centre
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB T6G 2E5
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Have a question? We're here to help. Meet the team!


Gary Kelly, Director

Gary has a Canada Research Chair at the University of Alberta and is developing major projects on popular literature and on women's writing. He built the Humanities Computing Studio, mainly with Canada Foundation for Innovation funding, to unite humanities research and digital technology, the university and the wider community.



Amanda Allen, Researcher

Amanda lives by the motto, "today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday." As such, she is currently pursuing her PhD in English Literature. Her dissertation revolves around the forgotten female junior novels of the Cold War era and the power bubble they created for female editors, librarians, and jacket-cover illustrators. In her non-academic (that is, "real") life, Amanda paints portraits, kayaks, and enoys sitting around doing absolutely nothing at all.



Jocelyn Badley, Researcher

Jocelyn is currently completing an MLIS at the School of Library and Information Studies at the U of A. She works on the Women Writing and Reading website. Jocelyn enjoys TV crime shows, reference books, and referring to herself in the third person.



Matthew Bouchard, Lead Developer

Armed with his shiny new computing science degree, Matthew Bouchard continues on as the studio's lead Streetprint Engine Developer, indispensable Technical Support Guy and head Movie Guru. Matt enjoys writing creative non-fiction, spending time outdoors, making inflammatory comments and playing catch.



Karin Kellogg, Legal Advisor

Karin advises the CRC Studio on the copyright implications of its projects. She earned her law degree at the University of Alberta, where she is currently completing a PhD in English on the legal subordination of Victorian married women.



Drew Small, Studio Projects Co-Ordinator

Drew. Small. Is it true that small Drew Small drew small Drew Small small? Perhaps. For now though, let's just say that he's completing his MA in English and Humanities Computing, and making vegan cupcakes. A little bit of this, a little bit of that - he's not quite a generalist, and not quite a specialist - thank goodness interdisciplinarity is hip these days. As for his personal interests, it's probably best not to ask - he tends to rant.



Amy Stafford, Researcher

Amy is currently working on an MA in English at the University of Alberta. Her thesis is on (auto)biography in the work of Canadian writer Carol Shields, although she is also interested in eighteenth-century English literature. Amy likes to kick stuff in her spare time, which she expresses by playing soccer. She also enjoys travelling, eating steak and watching hockey - because you can take Amy out of Alberta, but you can't take the Alberta out of Amy . . .



Kelly Zenkewich, Digital Imaging Curator

Kelly is currently working on completing her Bachelor of Science degree online at Athabasca University. Her work can be seen on most of the sites at Streetprint, but more than likely is going on behind the scenes. Kelly's interests lie in urban landscapes, online communication, photography, and looking at books with lots of pretty pictures. She may or may not respond to someone calling her "Scan Monkey".


CRC Studio Advisory Committee

The advisory committee is responsible for approving studio applications and for overseeing general studio matters. Committee members are:

Gary Kelly
James Mulvihill
Stephen Reimer
Kris Calhoun
Marcie Whitecotton-Carroll
Colin Dunn