11 Feb 2006
It's almost here! Team Streetprint is pleased to announce the imminent release of the Streetprint Engine 3.0 FINAL! on March 01/06.

18 May 2005
Want to know the latest studio news? Check out our Studio Newsletter!

15 January 2005
Heritage Scrapbooks has been selected by Yahoo! as their Pick of the Day!

02 August 2004
Can't get to the studio? Take a walk through our new virtual tour and see it for yourself!

27 July 2004
Streetprint 2.12 has been released. Don't forget to check out some of our new Streetprint sites!

27 May 2004
Scrapbook Edmonton 2004 has gone live. Bring your scrapbooks to City Hall on June 20th!

14 May 2004
Meet the new CRC Studio team! And don't forget to wish Chris good luck in his new home base of Toronto.

5 April 2004
Don't miss WWR's Women and Religion event series, which kicks off tomorrow night at the Stanley Milner Library.

8 March 2004
Karin Kellogg is the CRC Studio's new legal advisor.

31 January 2004
Good luck in Toronto, Hannah!

19 January 2004
The CRC Studio is pleased to welcome studio assistant Erika Smith to the team.

15 January 2004
Women Writing and Reading has gone live! Check out the magazine, the forums, and more.

17 December 2003
Season's Greetings from the CRC Studio.

16 December 2003
The new CRC Studio website has gone live! Let us know what you think.

16 November 2003
Matt and Hannah have returned from Italy, where they set up the first international Streetprint site, Cityprint: Bologna.